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Sample Clips

Sample clips from ‘Spencie’s Tunes Vol 3’ – Click HERE

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Click on any of the tune titles to hear a sample clip:

Gilbert’s Trooty Reel

Maggie and Paddie’s Diamond Waltz

John’s Lucky Escape

Andrew’s Birthday Reel

Charlie’s Reel

Wippy’s Waltz

Mackenzie Waltz

A Tune For Rosie

Da Uralie Crofter’s Jig

Hunter’s 80th Birthday Reel

Sandra & Angus Waltz

Brodie’s Birthday Reel

Elsie’s Waltz

Carrie and Michael’s Wedding

The Clingra Waltz

Jacob’s Jaunt

Michael’s Waltz

Da Cheeriest Crofter’s Polka

The Shoeaholic Fiddler

Tim and Kim’s Silver Wedding Waltz

Ian Spence Waltzes to 70

Ken and Jo’s Golden Anniversary Waltz

Celisse and Bobby’s Wedding Welcome

Caitlin & Rob’s Wedding

Haraldr Hárfagri’s March Tae Peerie Spiggie

New Tune – Gunnlaug’s Groove

Darren & Liz, The Reel Thing

Mary’s Reel

Sonja’s Waltz

Ann O’ Clisbo’s Golden Wedding Waltz

Maggi’s Farewell

The Pearl Jig

Jim’s Jig

Tich & Kaz Da 30th Anniversary Two-Step

Morag & Paul’s Wedding Waltz

The What’s Fur Ye, Will No’ Go By Ye Reel

The Auld Folk o’ Spiggie

Nellie’s 80th Reel

Tori’s Waltz


Jackie’s Fjellie Polka

Martin & Elizabeth’s Ruby Wedding Waltz

Lindsay Thomson’s Reel

The Leslie Newlands Two Step

Maurice’s March To Golga

Da Andrew & Pippa Jig

Alan & Tina’s Wedding March

Kris & Haze Wedding Barn Dance

Brian & Amanda’s Wedding Day

Holly and Euan’s Wedding March

Ingrid’s Thoughts O’ Hame

A Quarter Hitched

Bill & Jan’s Waltz

Peerie Ertie’s 18th Reel

Peerie Steps

Tammie Tait’s 90th Birthday

Being Bad in the Harcus Barn

Yell for Mark & Rosie

Richard & Cathy’s Wedding Waltz

Aaron & Sophie’s Wedding Waltz

The French Wife’s Uyeasound Reel

The Frakkafiddle Reel

Isles Boy Meets City Girl

Da Alma Wedding Reel

A Jig For Hamish

Iain & Louise’s Barn Dance

Hunter & Edna’s Golden Anniversary

33rd Shetland Folk Festival’s Welcome to Hamish McLeman

Cafe Waltz (Alex & Elaine)

Garderhouse Two Step


The Blyth Twins 60th Celebration Reel

The Julie Rose Reel

Rognvald Eysteinsson’s March through Sandwick

Da Waddir Man’s Two Step

No Afore Da Time

Terry’s Tune

Harry’s Golden Jubilee

A Pig’s Trot

Wir Wedding Waltz (Tina & Matthew)

Laurie’s 50th Birthday Reel

Alf At Spiggie Hotel Jig

Geordie & Helen’s Indalea Two Step

Golden Trip Tae Scaliscro

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