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New CD & Book ‘Spencie’s Tunes Vol 4’ to be launched in November

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New cd ‘Spencie’s Tunes Vol 4’ to be launched in November.

Special guests:

Brian Morrison (accordion/piano) tracks 3, 7, 10, 13, 18, 22, 24, 27, 29.
Gary Peterson (banjo) track 25.
Sylvia Priest (accordion) track 8.
Alice Mullay (piano) tracks 9, 21.
Jonathan Ritch (guitar/bass) tracks 9, 21
Colin Sutherland (drums) tracks 7, 27.

1. 33rd Shetland Folk Festival’s Welcome To Hamish McLeman 33rd Shetland Folk Festival’s Welcome to Hamish McLeman – Clip

2. Aaron Irvine’s Peerie Fun Aaron’s Irvine’s Peerie Fun – Clip

3. Halcyon Two Step Halcyon Two Step – Clip

4. Mac & Kate’s Wedding Waltz Mac & Kate’s Wedding Waltz – clip

5. Alf At Spiggie Hotel Jig Alf At Spiggie Hotel Jig – clip

6. Harry’s Golden Jubilee Harry’s Golden Jubilee clip

7. No Afore Da Time No Afore Da Time – clip

8. Martha & Hosea’s Wedding Waltz  Martha & Hosea’s Wedding Waltz

9. Rognvald Eysteinssons’s March Through Sandwick Rognvald Eysteinsson’s March Through Sandwick – clip

10. Hubert’s Tanker Two Step Hubert’s Tanker Two Step – Clip

11. Ian Haugh’s Drive to Kingairloch Ian Haugh’s Drive To Kingairloch – Clip

12. The Bull Farm Reel The Bull Farm Reel – Clip

13. Bulderit Brydon Bulderit Brydon – Clip

14. Laurie’s 50th Birthday Reel Laurie’s 50th Birthday Reel – Clip

15. Ruby Christie’s Waltz Ruby Christie’s Waltz – Clip

16. Linkin at Wi Andrea Linkin At Wi Andrea – clip

17. The James Barclay Hornpipe The James Barclay Hornpipe – clip

18. Golden Trip Tae Stornoway Clip Golden Trip To Stornoway

19. The Sapphire Reel The Sapphire Reel – clip

20. Stenabaugh’s Shetland Waltz Stenabaugh clip

21. Shaun’s Celebration Reel mp3 clip Shaun’s Celebration Reel

22. The Silver Anniversary March The Silver Anniversary March – clip

23. Rachel’s Rant Rachel’s Rant – Clip

24. Geordie & Helen’s Indalea Two Step Georde & Helen’s Indalea Two Step – clip

25. The Laeverik Reel The Laeverik Reel – clip

26. The Blyth Twins’ 60th Celebration Reel The Blyth Twins 60th Celebration Reel – Clip

27. Da Wadder Man’s Two Step Da Waddir Man’s Two Step clip

28. Mairi Nicleoid A Tigh a’ Gheata Mairi Nicleoid a Tigh a’ Gheata – Clip

29. Wir Wedding Waltz (Tina & Matthew)  Wir Wedding Waltz (Tina & Matthew) – Clip

30. Helendale Reel Helendale Reel – clip



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