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Customer Feedback – Mary’s Reel

DATE: 29th November 2015

NAME: Tom Robertson

TUNE TITLE: Mary’s Reel

Since contacting Spencie’s Tunes many emails have passed between us discussing how I would like my late sister’s memory.  I found Steven very feeling and it was like contacting an old friend, but I never dreamed on how much work would be put into the final product.

Thank you very much.

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Customer Feedback – George & Morag’s Diamond Wedding

DATE: 3rd July 2015

NAME: Morag & George Lawson

TUNE TITLE: George & Morag’s Diamond Wedding

Dear Steven.
Many thanks for composing the tune George & Morag’s Diamond Wedding for our big day on 04-06-2015. It set the day off in grand style, Morag and I had a wee dance round the Dining Room to the [Gay Gordons] just perfect.
I am a long standing member of Perth & District Fiddle & Accordion Club so that type of music is right up my street.
We had a Family meal at a Country House Hotel yesterday and Fraser my son who plays the Pipes played the tune on our grand entrance.It was very well received by all the company.
Thank’s again and keep the music going.
Morag & George Lawson.
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Customer Feedback – The Auld Folk o’ Spiggie

DATE: 29th March 2015

NAME: Alf and Jenny Clews

TUNE TITLE: The Auld Folk o’ Spiggie

Dear Steven

Thank you so much for the beautiful tune that you have composed for us,
it is one of, probably the most, beautiful tunes that we have ever heard
and it fulfills completely the criteria that we gave to you.

To me, Alf, it evokes the movement of the sea and the haunting beauty
and tranquility of Shetland, epitomised in a number of images that
remain in my mind; the view from the old St Clair as we progressed up
the island from Sumburgh when I first returned to the islands as a young
teenager and saw this long, low island with low cottages scattered
across low hills seen through the early morning mist. Another image
evoked is the view from the conservatory window at Spiggie Hotel on a
sunny summer evening as the setting sun turns the sea red towards Foula
and, another image, is the view from our daughter’s house at Toft as we
look across to Yell and see the ferry, with a certain Steven Spence, at
the helm making its stately passage from Toft to Ulsta.

At another level the tune describes the harmony of our journey together
and characterises the strength which we have derived from each other to
support us over the last 50 years, with all its joys as well as the
lower, sadder parts, of which inevitably there are a few, but without
which no life is really feasible. You have captured the essence of this

Since we received the CD we have played it constantly with a greater
sense of appreciation each time and we cannot believe how much depth and
poignancy you have managed to incorporate into one piece of music. We
shall be giving a copy of the CD to each of our children and
grandchildren and believe it will be a fitting memorial for them to
remember us by.

Words are woefully inadequate to express the gratitude that we feel
Steven but we do hope to be able to thank you personally on our next
visit to Shetland in June.

JENNY – – – – –
Steven – how you managed to interpret my few garbled and simple words
into a tune which is so emotional, atmospheric, touching, beautiful and
moving will always remain a mystery to me!  Just like our long and
loving 50 year old marriage you have incorporated so much of “us” into
our tune. Only Alf and I know the true significance of the slow tempo
and every single note that you used. Every one evokes an emotion for
us.  It is certainly a tune which we will treasure for ever!


Alf and Jenny

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Customer Feedback – Langskaill

DATE: 29th March 2015

NAME: Mrs Mabel M Jamieson

TUNE TITLE: Langskaill

I was thrilled with the CD content.  Such a unique gift to be able to give somebody as a complete surprise.  Thanks indeed for being so prompt.

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Customer Feedback – Da Alma Wedding Reel

DATE: 8 January 2013

NAME: Sandra Gray

TUNE TITLE: Da Alma Wedding Reel

Thank you Steven, once again you have come up trumps with another lovely tune, to add to the ‘Gray collection’.  Christopher and Karen were delighted and the ‘Alan Nicolson Dance Band’  did a splendid job of playing it.  Thank you, Sandra

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Customer Feedback – Garderhouse Two Step

DATE: 7 January 2013

NAME: Margaret Morrison

TUNE TITLE: Garderhouse Two Step

Dear Steven,

What a super tune! John was surprised! Wasn’t expecting it.  The family were thrilled with it too. Emma my youngest Grandchild (9) is learning fiddle with Lois Nicol and I gave her the music last week, she proudly stood up and played it to ‘Grandad’ on his birthday, with no music!  I’m sure this tune will be played for mony a two step. Many thanks again. Margaret

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Customer Feedback – Cafe Waltz (Alex & Elaine)

DATE: 24 October2013

NAME: Elaine Mair

TUNE TITLE: Cafe Waltz (Alex & Elaine)

I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I have played it again and again. Its a lovely tune for a waltz. I am just delighted.

Thank you so much . I think its probably one of the best things I’ ve ever spent money on. I have been playing it again and again . Just love it.

I love the presentation of the manuscript and frame and of the cd and thankyou for putting both photos on.

Best Regards


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Customer Feedback – Da Waddir Man’s Two Step

DATE: 17 December 2012

NAME: Veronica Gair

TUNE TITLE: Da Waddir Man’s Two Step

Thank you Steven for composing such a brilliant, happy tune for Alan’s 70th birthday. He was absolutely amazed and delighted with it, and with the framed manuscript too. The artwork on the CD is perfect.  Also, thanks from me to you and Margaret, for all the secrecy involved in getting it done and delivered, without Alan suspecting a thing. Big Thank You from both of us.

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Customer Feedback – Harry’s Golden Jubilee

DATE: 17 December 2012

NAME: J Davidson

TUNE TITLE: Harry’s Golden Jubilee

Delighted with CD & presentation. Tune & backing etc. excellent – very impressed.

Thank you for such a quick delivery – hadn’t been expecting it so soon.

Many thanks again,

J Davidson

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Harry’s Golden Jubilee clip

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Customer Feedback

Marion Slater

17 July 2012

Golden Trip To Scaliscro

Extremely good tune, very well done and presented. Mam and Dad just love it. Thank you so much Marion

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Fiona Leighton

27 June 2012

The Leighton Loup

Steven, Thank you so much for composing such a lovely jaunty tune for my in-laws diamond wedding.They are delighted with the CD and framed manuscript. We danced round the living room to the music and had a great celebration of the anniversary.Thank you for taking such care to produce such a high quality recording of lively crisp playing.

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Louis & Lilias Johnson

6 April 2012

“Linkin At” Wi Andrea

An original and lively tune, so fitting for Andrea as it captures so much of her very lively personalty! The multi-instrumental rendering adds so much to the basic tune. We were also highly impressed by the final presentation of the disc, case and framed manuscript – an obvious care for detail. It makes such a difference. Well done – keep up the good work! Thanks a million Steven.

Louis & Lilias

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Allan Duncan

12 February 2012

Stenabaugh’s Shetland Waltz

Steven, Thank you for the brilliant work you did on creating “Stenabaugh’s Shetland Waltz”. You absolutely captured everything we talked about and the work you did on developing the arrangement was a joy to be part of. I’m delighted to say that the reaction when the gift was presented was exactly as I’d hoped and I’m sure the waltz will continue to delight and give great pleasure in the coming years. Thank you again for your brilliant work!

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David Nicol

7 February 2012

The Laeverick Reel

Steven, I’m absolutely delighted with the tune, and I know Grant and Carol loved it too. It is exactly the kind of “good going” tune I was after, and I can easily imagine Hom Bru or Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag playing it in a set. Huge thanks for getting Gary to do the banjo part too – a fantastic added bonus. Cheers, and thanks for everything, David

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Shaun O

20 December 2011

Shaun’s Celebration Reel

After a great vist to Shetland in Summer 2011, which included Unst, I came home with all of the CDs of Spencie’s Tunes! I have been playing them pretty much continously since! In fact it has inspired me to take up my fiddle after a gap of over 40 years. Imagine my delight to receive my own Spencie’s Tune for my 65th Birthday from my dear wife and dancing partner, Alma. It is a gutsy Reel which takes me back to those wild Shetland shores. One day I’ll be able to play it myself. Thanks for making this such a personal tune. Shaun

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Alf Clews

15 November 2011

Alf At Spiggie Hotel Jig

Thank you so much for the wonderful jig that you composed for my 70th birthday. The moment that I heard the opening bars I knew it was a tune that I would love and the guests at Spiggie Hotel for Ailsa’s wedding and my birthday fell into a hushed silence as they listened in amazement to that wonderful tune. I even did a little jig in my kilt!!! I really cannot adequately express my gratitude and appreciation; you have made an old man very happy. Thank you. It was a great pleasure to meet you on 06-11-11 and I will treasure the photo that you e-mailed to us.

Alf Clews

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Sandra Gray

25 October 2011


The Captain’s Bride

Dear Steven,

Just like to say a huge thank you for the fantastic tune you composed and played for Karl & Joanna on their wedding. They were both just over the moon and the look on their faces as you played just said it all. To have Vicky and Jacqueline able to play along with you, and the peerie stories you told before every tune, made the whole performance so special to the whole family. Steven you are a very talented and special person, and to say you belong to Unst fills everyone with pride. Thank you so much again for all the Gray Tunes. Wishing you all the best in the future and here’s to “The Captain’s Bride”! Sandra Gray

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Claire & Kevin Tulloch

14 September 2011

Da Wastside Wedding March

Thank you so much for writing a march for our wedding. It was absolutely perfect and we will treasure the framed manuscript and CD forever!

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Frances Rendal

18 March 2011

A Reel For Frances

Excellent tune. Good for last figure of the lancers.

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Sonia & Gibbie Inkster

25 August 2010

Sonia’s Pride of Erin

Absolutely delighted with the tune. It is catchy and flowing and we can dance the Pride of Erin perfectly to the tune. I have always enjoyed music and dance and when Gibbie thought about a tune I felt it was the best present ever. We are very very pleased and family who have heard it also say it is a terrific tune. Thank you Steven for your talent and skills in writing such a perfect tune.

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Mavis Hughes

19 July 2010

The Graham Huges Two-Step

Steven, Thank you very much for a wonderful tune – Graham used to enjoy all the music & dance evenings very much – he would have thought this was great. Hope to see you when we are in Unst! Mavis

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Suzanne Barr

15 May 2010

Marrats Houl Reel

I am very pleased with the tune (Marrats Houl Reel) and grateful, thank you Steven. I will get a lot of pleasure from it.

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Joanna and Friis

29 January 2011

Serpentine Reel

Hi Steven, just wanted to again say thanks for the tune (Serpentine Reel) you composed for our wedding, we love it. You have totally captured our personalities in the music and it was such a treat to see you play it at wir hamefarin.

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Fiona Farquhar

3 March 2010

Alec’s Love O’ Da Shetland Isles

Hi there Steven Just to say thanks again for the tune for dad’s 80th – you really did make an auld man very happy! If I can add an even bigger thanks for letting Caitlin play along with you on CD – an experience neither she or I (maybe even you!!!) will ever forget! Thanks again from all of us in Shetland/Dalkeith & Newcastle!xx

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Ruth and Roger Thackery

29 January 2011

A Reel For Mark

Steven, Very many thanks for the marvelous tune that you composed for Mark’s 40th birthday. Although you have never met him, you captured exactly the right characteristics just from the information and feedback we gave you. He is delighted with it – as are all the family. We were looking for an unusual present for him that would be cherished – and you certainly provided it! Many thanks and best wishes Ruth and Roger, Somerset

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Ivor & Elizabeth Johnson

29 January 2011

Roadside Reel

Steven We are very happy that the bairns commissioned you to write a tune for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. The Roadside Reel is perfect. We absolutely love it and canna wait to hae a dance to it in the Uyeasound Hall sometime soon.

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Joan Bailey

28 April 2009

Spowart’s Waltz

Steven, the tune you composed for Marie & Irvine (The Spowart Waltz) is beautiful. The atmosphere at their wedding last Friday when Vicky Gray played the tune was electric (she did you proud), there were a few damp eyes in the hall incuding Marie & Irvine’s. They have had a wee dance by themselves to it again and they absolutely love it. Thank you for putting such feeling and skill into producing this tune. Your talent has reached many ears that hadn’t heard you before. Looking forward to seeing you on TV on Sunday night. Love Joan & Dave x

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