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A unique, timeless gift – perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements or any other occasion.

Spencie’s Tunes is a music service based on the Island of Unst 

in Shetland (which is the most northerly point of the UK) and is run

by renowned fiddler and award winning prolific composer Steven Spence.

Anyone can commission a tune from Spencie’s Tunes for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements to name a few, but people are commissioning tunes for almost anything!

You can choose the title and also a dedication if required and Steven will compose a special tune and produce a recording and manuscript of the commissioned piece for you. This is a very personal, unique and eternal gift.

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Customer Feedback – The Auld Folk o’ Spiggie

DATE: 29th March 2015

NAME: Alf and Jenny Clews

TUNE TITLE: The Auld Folk o’ Spiggie

Dear Steven

Thank you so much for the beautiful tune that you have composed for us,
it is one of, probably the most, beautiful tunes that we have ever heard
and it fulfills completely the criteria that we gave to you.

To me, Alf, it evokes the movement of the sea and the haunting beauty
and tranquility of Shetland, epitomised in a number of images that
remain in my mind; the view from the old St Clair as we progressed up
the island from Sumburgh when I first returned to the islands as a young
teenager and saw this long, low island with low cottages scattered
across low hills seen through the early morning mist. Another image
evoked is the view from the conservatory window at Spiggie Hotel on a
sunny summer evening as the setting sun turns the sea red towards Foula
and, another image, is the view from our daughter’s house at Toft as we
look across to Yell and see the ferry, with a certain Steven Spence, at
the helm making its stately passage from Toft to Ulsta.

At another level the tune describes the harmony of our journey together
and characterises the strength which we have derived from each other to
support us over the last 50 years, with all its joys as well as the
lower, sadder parts, of which inevitably there are a few, but without
which no life is really feasible. You have captured the essence of this

Since we received the CD we have played it constantly with a greater
sense of appreciation each time and we cannot believe how much depth and
poignancy you have managed to incorporate into one piece of music. We
shall be giving a copy of the CD to each of our children and
grandchildren and believe it will be a fitting memorial for them to
remember us by.

Words are woefully inadequate to express the gratitude that we feel
Steven but we do hope to be able to thank you personally on our next
visit to Shetland in June.

JENNY – – – – –
Steven – how you managed to interpret my few garbled and simple words
into a tune which is so emotional, atmospheric, touching, beautiful and
moving will always remain a mystery to me!  Just like our long and
loving 50 year old marriage you have incorporated so much of “us” into
our tune. Only Alf and I know the true significance of the slow tempo
and every single note that you used. Every one evokes an emotion for
us.  It is certainly a tune which we will treasure for ever!


Alf and Jenny

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