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Spencie’s Tunes is a music service based on the Island of Unst in Shetland (which is the most northerly point of the UK) and is run by renowned fiddler and award winning prolific composer Steven Spence.

Anyone can commission a tune from Spencie’s Tunes for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements to name a few, but people are commissioning tunes for almost anything!

You can choose the title and also a dedication if required and Steven will compose a special tune and produce a recording and manuscript of the commissioned piece for you. This is a very personal, unique and eternal gift.

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Mr & Mrs Philip Goodlad’s Hegri Jig

Philip & Susan Goodlad

Commissiond for Philip and Susan Goodlad’s wedding in October 2008 as a gift from Philip’s parents Alexis and Jimmy Goodlad.
Alexis and Jimmy wanted to give them a “Shetland” gift they would always remember – so they approached Steven to write a lively tune. As Philip worked at Radio Shetland and currently at Radio Scotland in Glasgow they requested Steven to incorporate a hint of Radio Shetland signature tune and Radio Scotland jingles, which can be heard in the tune!
Because of Philip’s life long obsession with hegris (more often as not to poor Susan’s dispare AND embarrassment!) they called the tune, “Mr & Mrs Philip Goodlad’s Hegri Jig”.
Played by Steven Spence – fiddle
Alice Mullay – piano
Jonathan Ritch – guitar / bass
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