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Spencies Tunes – Commissioned Fiddle Tunes

Commission Shetland Fiddle Music

A unique, timeless gift – perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements or any other occasion.

Spencie’s Tunes is a music service based on the Island of Unst 

in Shetland (which is the most northerly point of the UK) and is run

by renowned fiddler and award winning prolific composer Steven Spence.

Anyone can commission a tune from Spencie’s Tunes for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements to name a few, but people are commissioning tunes for almost anything!

You can choose the title and also a dedication if required and Steven will compose a special tune and produce a recording and manuscript of the commissioned piece for you. This is a very personal, unique and eternal gift.

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List of Spencie tunes recorded by other musicians

Over the years many of Spencie’s Tunes have been played and recorded by other musicians and bands. Below is a number of clips of the tunes which you can hear if you click the links. We will keeping adding files as we get them!

Bernadette’s Reel / Rayburn Reel – played by The Barber Sisters

Golden Goals at da Gibby – played by Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag

Sylvia / Tulloch’s Farewell to Hagdale – played by Hom Bru

Pig’s Reel / Gibby Gray / Hay’s Place – played by Hom Bru

Rayburn Reel – played by Fiddlers’ Bid

Sylvia – played by The Iron Horse

Ross’s Reel – played by The Cullivoe Band

Calum’s Waltz – played by Give Way

Uyea Isle – played by Fiddlers’ Bid

Gibby Gray – played by Catriona Macdonald

The Bull Farm Reel – played by Gemma Donald

Derek & Cheryl – played by Da Fustra

Calum’s Waltz, Pig’s Reel, Gibby Gray, George’s Reel – played by Frances Wilkins & Claire White

Pier Heid Reel, Sandy Macaulay, Pure Sandy – played by Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag

George’s Reel – played by Liza Fullerton & Alison Kay

Spences’ Trip To Edinburgh – played by Manus McGuire

Pig’s Reel – played by The Clydesiders

Go Fur Im – played by Catriona McKay

Gibby Gray / Rayburn Reel – played by High Strings

Hildona’s Farewell – played by Alice Mullay

Calum’s Waltz – played by Aly Bain, Phil Cunningham, Ian Hardie, Duncan MacGillivary

Lums O’ Lund – played by Catriona McKay

Spences’ Trip To Edingburgh played by The Shetland Fiddlers’ Society

Calum’s Waltz – played by the Primary 6 pupils of Sound Primary School (including Calum) and their music teacher Genny Robertson in 2004

George’s Reel / Da View Frae Torvaugh / Serpentine Reel – played by Clinkin Fiddles

The Captain’s Bride / Serpentine Reel / Derek & Katy’s Reel / Gemona – played by Bruce Peebles Band

Kirsten & Rowan’s Time in Da Herra / Cooper’s Rant / Isla’s Reel / Derek & Katy’s Reel – played by The Colin Dewar Trio

Pig’s Reel / Gibby Gray – played by Small Hall Band

Valaberg Jig – played by Alastair Edwards

Olie’s Breakdown – played by Jonathan Ritch and Spencie

Just Knackered – sung by by some Vikings in the Uyeasound galley shed !!



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